Monday, November 23, 2009

tator and the mint m&m's

This picture is Tator, she is my son and new wife's dog. She is a rescue dog, they live in a very small apartment...they both work, Tator usually is in her crate during the day as she is still a little naughty if allowed freedom ... Tator escaped Sunday and ate a whole bag of m & m's.

Thankfully the doggy doctor made Tator feel all better as the throwing up she did all over the apartment didn't do the trick...

Hence the need for my son and wife to move into their house ASAP!!!!


Lori said...

Oh poor Tator!! I had to laugh though. I hope she learned her lesson.

Vicki ~ FL said...

So glad Tator is going to be alright. Unfortunately, moving into their own home won't fix Tator's escape plans!