Monday, November 16, 2009


It was a Monday in all it's glory...seriously borrrrrrrrrr---ing. As a stand by driver with no routes to cover or trips I had to ride with 2 different drivers and just do that, ride...BORING!

Oh well got to see the little red head baby before she left for Michigan with my sister in law and had some great homemade corn beef with all the fixings dinner made by my husband who at this moment is unemployed
again...he does have a prospect and will find out Wednesday...fortunately truck driving jobs with experience are easier to find than most....we are blessed.

In the meantime enjoy the boys shooting guns...not real of course!


That corgi :) said...

isn't it interesting that little boys always seem to enjoy playing with guns? and even if they don't have guns, they'll use sticks as them

I have to agree, if you are used to driving and have to go along riding, that would be boring

hoping hubby gets a job really fast!


Lori said...

They look like little expert marksmen!