Sunday, November 22, 2009

end of the day

I did enjoy my weekend and the lovely weather. I should of took the kids to the park, but as they say in therapy groups don't should on yourself, so I won't. Mark and I did all the shoppng for Thanksgiving today, so that's done.

I did spend some time with the boys alone last night as they talked their mom into coming over for the night and their dad was at some pay per view fight with my husband at some private bar.

I also trained another girl to take care of Mrs H. She's still alive and kicking, but my weekends have been tied up working for her for 2's time to let a younger girl have the opportunity. She's a single mom and well aquainted with Mrs H as her mom works for her also. I had to do some smooth talking to make it happen as Mrs H hates year Mrs H will be 97! Guess she's earned that right.

Only a 2 day week for school. Monday and Tuesday are 5 hour days, but as a stand by driver I work more doing shuttles and route coverage. That's ok I love the adventure.

I can't believe it's nearly Thanksgiving already!!!


Sugar said...

yep, it's that time of yr! ;)
have a good week.
huggies & gobble gobble...

Lori said...

Look like a good start to your week!