Thursday, October 8, 2009

a break...

I have been very busy...working mostly...I've done evacuation drills nearly everyday and sports every night...loads of hours. Sports are winding down for the fall season at the schools...except Football and that goes for a few more weeks. Next week I only have 3 trips instead of my normal 5. Evacuations are going on again and I am doing them every day. I have given up two of my four work sessions with Mrs. H, she is back to her "normal" difficult self and with my own life and my job I am too tired to deal with her and her demanding ways. Besides one of her old "girls" needs the money and she's filling in for my hours.

Actually, my life is pretty a-okay, it's in major change right now, but it's good. Liz will be moving about 45 minutes away in a couple of weeks, Jim and Jeremy are here, while they motivate my husband they tend to either kiss my butt or take over...either way my time with the grandsons is a gift to me and I can ignore there manpower moves. It's just male posturing anyway, I am used to it.

The weather her is so cold that it feels like late November. The time doesn't change until the first of November so I doubly feel confused especially with the hours I work.

Mark is working weird hours too. But the main thing is we are working and enjoying our jobs.

Tim and Kristen get married on the 7th of November, hopefully it won't snow on their Fall themed wedding!

I have yet to find a dress, either the stores offer short homecoming dresses or old lady styles. I'll keep looking. Can't wait to show off the finished product as I am having my nails done and letting the salon do my up do hair and makeup.

Other wise I had most of Saturday off and today was an easy day too. Tomorrow is a school holiday and I did not pick up any trips. The plan is for a much needed day off and a lunch date with the girls.


Paula said...

So glad to see an update from you. Sounds like things are going okay for you. You are going to be a knock out at the wedding with your up-do.

Barb said...

Hi honey. You're always busy. So nice to see post from you. Me? I've barely gotten started again, so visit me, when you can, at
Hope you post a photo of YOU at wedding. I just know you're going to be beautiful.
Love you much.

Martha (Menagerie) said...

So nice to see an update from you. Things have been totally crazy for me since I went back to work, not much time for blogging anymore, but I'm still trying.
Enjoy the rest of the week Rose :-)