Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy birthday J-land!

This pic is from August 2004...not a gray hair is sight!!

Happy birthday J-land! I met Barb on a prayer site, which now is gone. She encouraged me to come to aol Journals. Little did I know that this simple act would turn into a long time close friendship between Barb and I...guess that's what made us all so special! Relationships that have stood the test of time.

My first entry was about my family drama! I still have family stuff, but I am still the optimistic Rose!!

I have been married 16 years now, our kids are grown, some married, some not, and now I have 4 more grand kids...still driving the school bus ... and still
I love my life!!

Here's my first post-----

"It's a good day"

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I made it through the birthday party yesterday!!! Mark's ex has decided that she is the main Grandparent in his son's little boy's life. But I knew that when I married Mark 9 years ago. It was nice just to enjoy the party and just be me. I didn't feel all nervous or like I had to behave a certain way. But for a 1 year old Jacob got enough gifts for 10 kids. Oh well, he's the first...they always get spoiled don't they? I was able to talk to Mark's ex too. That's a step in the right direction. They have 5 kids together and there will be 4 more weddings and many grand babies ... peace is better than the bitterness that used to follow all of us before. I guess Loving others and the Golden Rule do make you feel good!! Today was pretty good. The kids are all home for the summer, including Tim who's 22, Eric who's 19, Dale who's 17 and Liz 15...I have to remind myself to treasure these times they will be all back to college, high school and me driving the school bus come August and then I won't have these crazy times...Gotta always remember to stay in the moment!!
Anonymous calidream13 said...

Hi mom, Dont worry when I have babies ull see them everyday even when you dont want to!
Love Liz

June 28, 2004 9:01 PM



LYN said...

Great post..i did one too!

Anonymous said...

Damn, that long ago(you look great, btw). I do sorely miss some of the people.

Paula said...

I remember you having to deal with an ex because I do too. I haven't seen Barb around in so long. Is she okay?

Paula said...

Thanks Rose that wasn't the Barb I was looking for. There was another who had a prayer group. She'll turn up one day. Have a good week.