Saturday, August 13, 2011

are you ready for some football!??

Holy smokes all my family is on Facebook, so you will see more here!! I love my family, but let's face it you can't spill your guts on that social network, right?

I love them, but as the Mom/mother-in-law/step mom/grandma...I sometime have to keep my big mouth shut...but sometimes I need an outlet!

I swiped this picture from Jeremy...the bigger boys are on a football team...I get to relive my kids days of playing. I had 4 playing at one time! It should be interesting, the older one Jake is all business, knows the game, and loves the sport. The second one Dakota has no clue about football, could care less about the rules, gets mad when anybody tackles him, and is basically playing because after the second week of practice they were short players and recruited him.

Should be an interesting season...their games are on Saturday so another reason I need to be around and not driving sports. I betting we should a lot of fun.

BTW! Yesterday was my 23 rd year of being sober!! God has truly blessed me with 23 years of freedom!! I no longer am consumed with the thoughts of escaping into a bottle of vodka!

I am truly blessed!!


Anonymous said...

We're happy to be your outlet.
But the big mouth shut thing, well, I think you do enough, & are valued enough, that you should be able to speak your mind. I'm sure most of them do. ~Mary

Barb said...

23 years of being sober? I am so proud of you, Rose. I remember, as long ago as it was, when we first met. We seemed to click right off. I think God always knows which people to put together. You have blessed me so much and have said I have done the same for you. I look forward to many years of friendship with you, though to be honest, honey. You are family to me. Love you much.