Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Break

It's the first official first day of Christmas break. It's also Cody's 5Th birthday!

I attended his Preschool program last week.
He was very proud of his shirt and tie...this kid loves his fashion. His little class had a great performance. Fun stuff for a grandma like me...the joy of being a grandma is being able to enjoy the stuff I was too young and frazzled to appreciate at a mom! I just sit back and watch!

I have a trip tomorrow for the day care group in our district. I am going to a museum about an hour away. Then I am off for the rest of the week. We have snow here, but not nearly as much as the east coast.

The past couple of weeks have been crazy at work, especially for a sub like me. I had to do a country route in a blowing and drifting snow storm. I made it back in one piece, but I passed plenty of cars in the ditch, tow trucks trying to pull cars out of the ditch, even a contract bus off the road. That route made a man outta me!

Now is the time to kick back and enjoy the Holiday!


Sugar said...

HB Cody! hope he has a very special day, full of fun & surprises. ;)
also, hoping you enjoy the break, with lots of good times.
Merry Christmas!

Martha@Menagerie said...

Enjoy the break and have a wonderful Christmas Rose :-)

Sybil said...

Hi Rose I have just found you again...sorry to have lost you in the first place ! then I discovered that if I clicked on your photo on my followers ( where have you been lately in my comments LOL) I could "find" you so here I am. what a handsome wee boy Cody sure is. Bet he is getting all excited now about the forthcoming "Santa". Wishing you and all thise you love a very Happy Christmas
Love for now,

Lisa said...

Rose, Thank you so much for the Christmas card !!!!!! Enjoy your Christmas break !!!!! Love Lisa

kanishk said...

hoping you enjoy the break, with lots of good times.

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