Sunday, July 31, 2011

felling...oh oh feelings....

Sometimes I wonder about (adult) kids own children were raised to be caring, fair and fair so good. They try extra hard to spend time with all of us. My son (daddy to baby Lilly) even has his dad and I take turns babysitting, if we miss our turn we miss our turn, but so far so fair. We shall see how fair it is when she is 2, and naughty but no one can predict the future. The other two are great about spending time with us.

My husband's kids on the other hand...not so much. His middle son is married to a girl who is sweet but spoiled, the apple of her parent's eye, so now Kaleb is the apple of their eye. We have never baby sat the now 10 month old child...this breaks my husband's heart. We rarely see him as her parents are there every day and my husband works a lot. Again, sad face for me as I am very protective my husband. He got the blame for his younger two son (out of 5) being bums.

This would be fine, but she likes to broadcast their activities (whole family pics, meaning hers, babysitting by her sister, trips to fun places) via facebook.

I feel like history has repeated itself as I remember when Jacob was the only and my husband's ex used to hog him...2 boys later they live with us...and I am basically the lone'll be interesting see what the future brings in this situation. I am grandma boot camp for naughty boys.

Until then I hope my husband understands...and realizes that everything does even out!


Paula said...

Oh these family stories can make you puke sometime. I raised mine right too and John's daughter is always at the door wanting money. She isn't a child, she is a woman and should have a husband or a career or something. Good luck Rose.

Anonymous said...

Over time the compass point of our existence changes, perhaps it will do so in a good way for certain members of your family. I'm hoping for the accelerated program ;-).