Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've written a couple of posts but they are mostly whiny I skipped posting them. I think I am past the guilt of not working this summer. I am such a control freak and feel I should be out there working my butt off, when in reality I am needed to be the home base for my family.

My husband started another new job a couple of months ago. Trucking work is usually long, many miles, underpaid and for my husband's last job not enough work to keep him in a good living. He now works for a large Tanker company that keeps him busy, & makes him use his mind as he has to load and unload the Tanker. Not an easy job. His hours are still long and physical, but he is cutting his time as he gets more experienced. While this process is going on I need to be at home to keep him sane.

Also, the boys are here often and my stepson is on call for his tow job. They are better when they are here as I expect them to be respectful and I keep them busy. I just run them and let them explore our neighborhood parks, creeks, plus there are enough kids around to keep them busy.

Here and there my son and his wife have needed me in a pinch to watch my little baby Lilly. She knows my voice and whenever I come over her head snaps around and she gives me a big grin!

Hubby and I have also had some time to go to a concert at the local fest.

For the 4th of July weekend we will have no kids we are going to work on the house...and have some alone time.

So today I reminded myself again to enjoy my time off and I'll be back to the school bus soon enough!

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Anonymous said...

Don't'd never be a gal with an overblown sense of entitlement :). I'm very happy for you that you have the summer off. But then it isn't totally're doing quite a lot for others this summer. ~Mary